Working with Ogilvy New York, Current Studios created an immersive experience to teach children home safety. As the marquee of Nationwide Insurance’s #MakeSafeHappen 2015 campaign, an 18-wheeler truck trailer was retrofitted to look like the interior of a home, touring the U.S. and stopping at events to entertain and educate kids.

Although the interior of the truck looked like a home, it was loaded with the latest in smart technology to create a true blend between the physical and digital world. Current built furnishings in the truck with animatronics so that it would physically react to a child's interaction. Televisions would alarmingly shake, medicine cabinets would deliver cautious messages - each room would respond as children explored.

At the outset of the experience, kids were handed Nationwide branded iPads, where they were introduced to Nate, The Nationwide Safety Eagle. This illustrated and animated mobile experience, designed and produced by Current, guides kids through all five rooms within the truck.

Using over a dozen BLE beacons, each child was connected to rooms within the truck and the elements in the room. Their iPad would know their position, what they were interacting with, and then would respond, either digitally (on the iPad) or physically (in the truck). In the end, this experience was an insurance industry first for the use of smart technology and children's education.