Current worked with the brilliant creative minds at Arc Worldwide in Chicago to develop the Mars Escape Augmented Reality game as part of the Intel Experience, available exclusively at Best Buy stores.

From concept to execution, the project was touched by several teams within Current. The design and modeling team started by creating a replica of a Mars landscape to act as the surface on which to play the game. Key to this was a representation of the terrain found on the red planet with crevices, craters and peaks. With the CAD files complete, the mould and manufacturing of the mountain was cast and completed by Small Creations in Dallas, TX.

Meanwhile, understanding the shape and layout of the physical terrain, the Current game development team were able to recreate this environment within Unity, manipulating the Rovers to react to each dip and curve on the landscape for a seamless blend of physical to digital. The app uses the latest in edge-detection and extended tracking computer vision, allowing the Rover to understand and interact dynamically with each crevice of the rugged terrain. In tandem with this early development phase, the Current animation team were full steam on designing the 3 Rovers, each with their own features and strengths - Speed, Mobility and Power.

The theme of the game creates a sense of impending urgency. With an asteroid collision heading for Mars, the goal is to collect power pods to help launch your Rover off the red planet inside 60 seconds.

In addition to the app development, Current produced several animated segments to contribute to promotional videos for Mars Escape running in retail and online. The most prominent of these is an animated video, produced by the Current animation team, which sets the stage for the game theme:

"The clock is ticking. Can you escape Mars before it's too late?"