Current Studios has released Super Heroes Assemble, in partnership with Marvel and Walmart, to promote the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, in theatres May 2015. The Super Heroes Assemble app is packed with an enormous range of Avengers content, combining retail-based augmented reality activations with immersive virtual reality 360° animations, as well as an exclusive interactive comic game, written and designed by Marvel.

Building on previous successful retail-driven apps, the Super Heroes Assemble app is a hub for all the latest Age of Ultron behind-the-scenes content, character art, sound bytes, character profiles and fun Avengers dress-up features.

Users are inspired to visit Walmart to scan Doritos, Dr Pepper, Hasbro, Kellogg’s signage and product packaging strategically positioned around stores to unlock additional content. The call to action also drives traffic to scan images at a micro-site on walmart.com/avengers as well as online video streaming site vudu.com .

The promotion of the Super Heroes Assemble app was also boosted by an Current Studios-produced 30 sec commercial, advertising the exciting app content which ran in theatres across the US as well as online.